The Story Of Lancaster W4270 & Her Last Crew

This is the remarkable tale of how discovering a single piece of wreckage, led to uncovering a wartime tragedy near the village of Staunton-in-the-Vale, Nottinghamshire.

The only eye witness stated it crashed on a dark cold night in WWII, no idea about date, time, type of aircraft, where it was going or who was on it. Where would you start to find answers?

Over a decade's worth of research has gone into finding out what happened to Lancaster W4270, where we discovered her history, how she crashed and who she carried with her on her final journey.

Our search led down to a single aircraft, one belonging to No.61 Squadron, based at nearby R.A.F. Syerston. Her crew have been identified and their memories preserved. This is her story, one that we will always treasure…

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